Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Micro-Mark cut-off tool review

A few weeks ago I talked about a tool that I was going to order from a company called Micro-Mark. I ordered it, and I used it for a jewelry piece I was working on that required cutting a number of different sizes of sterling silver tubes. I had my doubts about how well it would work, since I have been known to order tools based on the advertised claims from the seller, only to be disappointed, and end up returning them!!!  This tool is small, but it's heavy and appears to be well made. It worked really well for cutting the tubing. It has a very thin, but tough, abrasive cut-off wheel that zipped right through the tubing without a lot of vibration. The cut edge of the tubing had a bit of a rough edge or burr on the bottom side of the cut which was easily removed with a file. The tool has a sturdy vice that holds the tubing securely so you will have a straight and level cut. I believe that it literally cut hours off of my construction time since I didn't have to sit there sawing away at the tubing and fighting with the saw blade every time it got stuck on the edges of the tubing. The other nice thing is that, because the blade is very thin, there is not a lot of material loss. I was thinking I might find a box with low sides or a tray to set it in so I can collect the silver dust.

I would definitely suggest this tool as a "must have" for your studio if you cut a lot of tubing. Here is a link to the site:

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